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Serving the community for over 15 years, we have built strong relationships with lending institutions, real-estate agents, brokers, and the city. Our strong networks ensure that your purchase, sale or refinance is done efficiently and without delay. 

Our team of lawyers and clerks have seen it all, and dealt with transactions ranging from the ordinary to multi-step, complex deals. We treat every deal like it is our own, and take the utmost responsibility in ensuring due diligence and timeliness for all of our clients. 

Attention to detail and precision are hallmarks of Cargill Kert's approach to seeing through every client's transaction. Having completed thousands of deals, our process is both efficient and effective. We are always available to speak with clients and ensure they are in the loop with respect to every step in the process. 

Real Estate Services:

  • Negotiating Agreements of Purchase & Sale

  • Drafting Agreements of Purchase & Sale

  • Reviewing & advising on Condominium Status Certificate

  • Land purchases or sales

  • Acting for purchasers or sellers of new or re-sale properties

  • Acting for borrowers or lenders on mortgage transactions

  • Acting for borrowers and/or lenders of private re-finances

  • Advising with respect to contractual liabilities

  • Advising with respect to mortgage liabilities

  • Drafting & negotiation of commercial leases

  • Drafting & negotiation of residential, commercial & agricultural real estate

  • Arranging for Mortgage Financing

  • Arranging for Title Insurance

  • Co-habitation Agreements

  • Closing of the Real Estate Transaction